Panoramatower at the Wurbauerkogel

21 two-thousand meter peaks at one glance

The National Park Visitor Centre at the Wurbauerkogel impresses with its unique panorama tower and an exhibition worth seeing – barrier-free!

From the 21m and six-storied tower you ca enjoys a magnificent panoramic view of all the surrounding mountains. 21 “Two-thousand-metre peaks” and many other mountain peaks can be seen perfectly: from the Upper Austrian foothills of the Alps to the Sengsengebirge, the Reichraminger Hintergebirge and the Haller Walls to the Toten Gebirge, Warscheneck and Gesäuse.

If you think, the view from the Wurbauerkogel is enough. Believe us – being up on the tower, changes your opinion. You can see additional peaks such as the Water Block or Tamischbach Tower. On the individual floors of the tower, all the peaks worth seeing are marked on panorama consoles for an easier assignment. Those who venture outside on the top floor onto the panorama terrace can leave a message in the “Gipfelbuch”.