Hutterer Böden – Edtbauernalmen – Rottal – Steyrsbergerreith – Schaffer Teich – Baumschlagerberg

Starting from the Höss-middle station over the gravel road around 1 km flat, to the Edtbauernalm, at the youth-guesthouse right and then left, over the alpine-path below the Schützenhütte Edtbaueralm, to the steep down-run into the Rottal, with an amazing view.

At this point, you maybe have to push the bike (note the information boards!), over the old, partly in rock beaten alpine-way into the Rottal (1 km, two times you have to cross the fence). The alpine-path downward crossing below Edtbauernalm on a forest road. This road a bit upward to the other forest road flows in, then a bit edge down passing the hiking trail junction Steyrsbergerreith (1.193m). Ongoing gently down till a hairpin bend, then steeper straight ahead and several hairpins bends down, from the right there flows a road in again, downwards it’s going to be a bit more flat, passing the service hut of the mountain rescue Vorderstoder you will get to the Schafferteich.

Finally, you reach the asphalt road (diversion Mostschenke Binder and Ferienhof Großgrub) and you come to the Schaffergut, where there are several possibilities:

1. ongoing straight to Vorderstoder and on the main road either left to Hinterstoder or right to Roßleithen and Windischgarsten

2. sharply left there is a road to the Stodertal winter-hiking-path, also direction Hinterstoder, first downwards passing the old forge, then lightly upwards crossing a gravel road, through the Eckhartgut and then continue flat below the Hackelgut to an access road to the Almgasthof Baumschlagerberg (1,5km away), which invites you for a stop.

Then follow the road left for short time uphill, before branching off to Hutgrabner after the Bärengut. Through the yard and continue downwards via some lawn-path, gravel-roads, and several turns through the forest down to the branch-off on the edge of the forest (several houses).

Now leftover the Knittelgraben the paved way upwards, over the back to the Luckerbauernbachl. On the left, the rout, who gets steeper and steeper, leads you, around 300 Meter, up to a small estate (Bärensimmerl), afterward again flat again through the forest to the Wartegg-Gut (890m). The access-road Wartegg down to the old toll road and further downwards then left to the Gasthof Gressbauer, and further to Hinterstoder to the starting point.

* Refreshment-points: Lögerhütte, Schutzhütte zur Lederhose, Schutzhütte Edtbauernalm, Steyrsbergerreith, Mostschenke Binder, Almgasthof Baumschlagerberg, Landhotel Gressenbauer

– The Trail can get, according to experience, enabled at the end of may, due to the high level and winter damages.

* You also can ride the trail in the opposite direction.
* The route is signposted throughout!
* Riding on the bike route is allowed from 15.04. – 31.10. – 2 hours after sunrise and 1 hour before sunset.